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original found on tumbler

🍇 - Who is your Purple Guy?
☎ - Who is your Phone Guy?
🔪 - Who is the real killer?
💔 - Bite Victim(s)?
👶 - Children's names?
🐓 - What animatronics are the children inside of?
⌚- How does your time line flow?
💖 - Relationships between characters?
🐰 - FNaF 3 Guard and Phone Dude?
🎤 - Character theme songs? (If you have any)
📣 - Character voice claims?
👥 - Extra characters/Other guards?
👤 - How did the Fazbear business start/who started it
😘 - Are you adding Sister Location to your AU?
👧 - Mun decides what to talk about
😈 - Anon/Asker decides what to talk about
Asks Are Open

current postions:
Pring: fell through a trap-door
Mia: hanging with the others
Gelly: hanging out
Plushtrap: hanging with the others
Fredplush: hanging with the others
Jacky: hanging with the others
Jackle: hanging with the others
Sera: being cute
Fonnie: screaming
Dread: also screaming
Mars: hanging out
Tommy: being a good mentally unstable child
carl: staring into space
Boss: hanging out
Freeta: hanging out
freena: hanging out
Nafreddy: having a mental break
All I See Is Purple Instead
'that I could feel guilt for all the things that make you see red'

'but all that I see is purple instead'

ah, William you little shit you don't feel any regret what are you talking about
He Doesn't Have A Name But Here
fun fact: the reason Snickers is so friken salty is because this sweetheart moved on

also this sweetheart is blind
no one asked but I just want to get the powers out there m8

William 'oh you asshole' Afton: He can talk his way out of anything. caught killing someone? he can do it. wants in someones pants? oh hell yeah, needs a b- I'm going to stop now you get the point

Michel 'how did it take this long for me to die' Afton: he can pick up entire train carts, entire trains. Super strength, on the side affect of he kinda goes batshit after about an hour of using it, also he can't stop it lol it starts he can't stop it without help

Elizabeth 'literally a demon' Afton: Much like William she can talk her way into things. Into, not out of, like if she wants icecream, or a head pat

Tommy 'metaphoricly a demon' Afton: he can make anything he imagines real, via the nightmares exist

Jack 'the only surviving Afton child somehow' Afton: any thing he draws is suddenly there


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mods main stuff:
account: randomdrawer1010
tumbler: randomtumbler1010
discord: otters are water weasels#9203
discord group room thing:


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